Saturday, June 25, 2016

Supply Chain Management

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Is the UK a competitive manufacturing base once again?

If you're a Global Supplier or a Buyer, give us your view in this short survey
We are now beginning to see some of the factors that impact upon "off-shoring" decisions change back in favour towards UK suppliers, but are these swings large enough to make the UK a manufacturing base once more?

The UK Government would certainly like to think so, however to compete in a Global market, purchasing teams must source from the most competitive locations.

Nevertheless, increases in labour rates in China and Eastern Europe, combined with increased freight charges, increasing services costs, costs of quality and inventory, as well as considering the cost of engineering change and IP protection, may make buyers re-consider their sourcing decisions, in favour of a UK manufacturing base.

Estimating the true landed cost of a product with a complex bill of material and a global supply chain is no simple task. Calculating the costs of material and labour (FoB) may not give buyers the true landed cost, and taking account of service, freight, engineering and IP factors may become more significant in the future.

By their very nature, global supply chains are complex.
We would like your views on this topic, and specifically, how the UK Government should support a service that tracks the parameters impacting the total landed cost, enabling buyers and suppliers to take consideration of these factors, and to rapidly re-assess their sourcing decisions across the supply chain ensuring they deliver best value for their customers, and a profitable bottom line.

Please complete the short survey below. Your organisations products or services may most probably be part of a complex supply chain, and you may have views as both a buyer and supplier. Feel free to complete both sections of the survey.
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Survey: Supply Chain Optimisation - Please let us know how you optimise your supply chain